Tuesday, February 7, 2017

1 mile - 13.5 lb pack - 20:38 - 305 lbs

What wonderful weather today!  Feb. 7th and it was 75 degrees, sunny, and a nice breeze.  Should be the same tomorrow, then snow flurries and 30 degrees when I get home the day after that.  Welcome to winter in Virginia.

I ate good today.  2,300 calories for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, 243 left.  Lunch was Taco Bell and dinner was Domino's, so it can be done with fast food and restaurants.  You just have to be deliberate and plan it out.

I walked about 1.4 miles at work today.  I had to drop my county car off at the shop for service and walked back to my office for a good part of that.

I got home on time so I changed clothes, pulled on my boots and pack, and got to hiking.  My pace is picking up slowly but surely.  As long as I keep moving, I'll keep getting better.

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