Thursday, February 16, 2017

Appetite is back

I'm feeling much better.  Back to work tomorrow.  I'm actually eating again, so I am really going to have to be careful and stick to my calorie intake.  Today was 2,190 out of 2,360 allowed.

Starting to feel better

Yesterday I ate 1,197 calories.  Tired as all get out, and still weak, but I'm getting better.  Back to work tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

aaaannnnd it's the flu

Went to the Dr. yesterday afternoon.  Yep, the flu.  Influenza B to be exact.  I've got a few prescriptions, and I'm off work until Friday.  I'm having dizzy spells, so no driving.

No hiking either, obviously.

But at least I don't have any appetite.  I should get a nice kickstart on my weight loss.  I'm weak and tired though so I'm afraid I'll have some setbacks on my hike times and pack weight.

Yesterday I only had 1,050 calories.  Today I'm up to 1,625.  My daily budget is 2,360.

Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, February 13, 2017

Still sick

Tried to go to work this morning but I was too dizzy to drive.

According to the phone, I've only taken 218 steps today, and I've only taken in 508 calories.

Going to the Doc-In-A-Box when my wife gets home

But, I am down below 300!

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Further updates as conditions warrant.

But on the positive, I'm about 1,200 calories under budget today.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A different day...

Today I hiked about 1/4 mile.  But it is not as bad as it sounds.  We are chicken sitting for the neighbors so I cut in to my hike by letting the chickens out, feeding them, and watering them.  All while wearing my pack.

I also did a bunch of back and forth walking from my shed to my tent garage working on my 72 Jeep Commando.  Toting a battery back and forth to charge it up and going back and forth for tools added to my distance.  Old girl hasn't been started since probably October, so it took a bit of tinkering to get her going.

I'm eating good.  I have just enough calories left to enjoy a taco salad when we go out to eat tonight.  It will bring me in at 2,487, just 26 over.  I can live with that.

Friday, February 10, 2017

I gambled... I lost

Started off great this morning.  Then I stopped at a WaWa.  Last year I developed a WaWa apple fritter addiction.  I thought I had it kicked.  I glanced at the pastry case and didn't see any fritters.  All was good. So I looked closer.  The fritters were usually on the left row.  But in this case, they were in the middle, and there were only 4 fritters stuck back at the back of the tray.  I could eat it, and just count the calories, couldn't I?  It's only a 670 calorie snack.  Sure, just one won't hurt.

Bad move.  I can't do that again.  Too much sugar.  Too many carbs.  Feeling like a slug.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I'm going to eat right and get back on my exercising and hiking.

One day at a time.  One day at a time.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The best laid plans...

I was planning on a hike after work... I really was.  I was looking forward the brisk, windy weather.  I figured out a couple of months ago that I have developed a lactose intolerance and I need to take Lactaid if I eat dairy. I haven't really mastered the art of remembering to do it every time.  So today at lunch I enjoyed a nice, portioned amount of Mac & Cheese.  I forgot my Lactaid. My afternoon was not pleasant.  Latcaid works great if you take it when you eat.  It doesn't work if you try it after you eat.

No hike today.

But, I ate right with 2,048 calories and I walked about .88 mile at work today..

In addition to eating less food (and sometimes better quality food) I'm also taking vitamins, fish oil capsules, and I'm drinking Bragg organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the "mother" mixed in with a couple of my glasses of water each day.  This link is to a great deal on Bragg ACV.  A gallon for only $24.98 and it ships free for Prime customers.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A fine day...

I ate right, 2,245 calories.  I walked about 1.7 miles today at work.  That picked up quite a bit when I stopped at a supplier's office this afternoon and he walked me a couple blocks down the road to show me the new office they are doing the build out on.

It was in the 70s again today.  Tomorrow it should be about 30 and possibly snowing when I get home to do my 1 mile pack hike.  But I AM going to do the hike.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

1 mile - 13.5 lb pack - 20:38 - 305 lbs

What wonderful weather today!  Feb. 7th and it was 75 degrees, sunny, and a nice breeze.  Should be the same tomorrow, then snow flurries and 30 degrees when I get home the day after that.  Welcome to winter in Virginia.

I ate good today.  2,300 calories for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner, 243 left.  Lunch was Taco Bell and dinner was Domino's, so it can be done with fast food and restaurants.  You just have to be deliberate and plan it out.

I walked about 1.4 miles at work today.  I had to drop my county car off at the shop for service and walked back to my office for a good part of that.

I got home on time so I changed clothes, pulled on my boots and pack, and got to hiking.  My pace is picking up slowly but surely.  As long as I keep moving, I'll keep getting better.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Starting week 2 - 305 lbs

Well, I was pretty pleased when I got on the scale at 0-dark-30 this morning.  My peak around Thanksgiving was 316.  Almost 2 weeks ago when I learned about BushFit, I was 310.  When I officially started, I was 307.  My goal is to be at 299 when I start week 4 in 14 days.  That's going to take a lot of eating right and hiking and exercising.

Today I'm at 1,874 calories, but I might add another 100 or so with a snack in a bit.  According to my iPhone step tracker, I hit 1,55 miles today walking around work and the VA medical center this afternoon.

Tomorrow will bring a day of eating right and a good hike with my pack after work.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Trail Clearing and the Week in Review

I didn't eat great this weekend, but I didn't hit the Sizzler buffet or anything that bad.  I only got in two hikes this week.  I got some decent walking in at work too.  Here's my chart for the week.  I'll add in my ending weight when I do my wake up weigh in tomorrow.

I won't get a hike in tomorrow because I have a Dr. appointment after work and then have to visit a friend in the hospital before I come home.  It will be dark by then.  I'll get in some sort of inside exercise, though.

Today I got some good work done clearing part of my hiking trail.  It was a pretty good workout and made the trail a little more easy to navigate.  I've got a video with a short tour of the trail here: Clearing my BushFit trail.  

I'm looking forward to getting back on the eating right wagon and at least three good hikes in for the coming week.

Friday, February 3, 2017


It's Friday.  Late getting home from work.  I'm tired.  It's cold.  I've eaten well today, about 600 calories under my budget.  Going to bed early.  Busy day tomorrow, but planning to clear my hiking trail on Sunday.

I got this today:

It feels nice in the hands.  Planning to give it a work out on Sunday.  I will also make a leather mask for it and share pics.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rest Day

Not much to report...

I walked 1.4 miles today at work - not too bad.

I stuck to my calories, 231 under for the day.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Day 3 - ??? lbs. - 13.5lb pack - 1M

So today I did a full mile.  Mostly on an old logging road covered with leaves and dead limbs.  I think my strategy will be to keep doing the mile with the 13.5lb pack until I get to 15 minutes.  Then I'll up it to 25 lbs and go until I am back to 15 minutes.  Then 40 lbs, then 50 lbs until I get to 15 minutes for the mile.  Then I'll increase my distance, staying with the 50 lb pack.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Slow Day

Not much to report today.  I walked almost a mile between buildings at work, but got caught in a traffic jam and had to run an errand after I got home, so no time to hike or DDP Yoga this evening.  I ate right today, finished up 42 calories under my daily allocation.  Hiking tomorrow for sure!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Day 1 - 307 lbs - 1K - 13.5 lb pack

Well, today is my official start of getting BushFit.

I ate pretty good today.  I need to bump up my protein a bit, but other than that I'm pleased with my progress.  Down 3 lbs.

I did about 1K, so I'm 20% of the way of meeting the challenge.  I did it with my 13.5lb pack and wearing heavy boots.  Did down and back twice on the drive way I share with two neighbors.  It's deep gravel and has a 67ft uphill climb as I come back up from the pond.  I finished with 5 good pushups, 5 crappy situps, and 10 seconds of planking.

Tomorrow I'll do DDP yoga, then back on the trail Wednesday.  I'll hit Dave Canterbury's 5x5 BushFit Challenge by the end of May.  5K off road hike, 50lb. pack, 50 pushups and 50 situps.  I should be down at least 50 lbs by then too.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tomorrow It Starts

I'm feeling pretty good.  When I started planning for this on Tuesday, I guessed I was at 305 lbs.  Turns out it was actually 310.  Not a huge difference, but a little more of a challenge.  Over the past 6 days I have tracked my intake, drank more water, had way fewer diet Cokes and less caffeine overall, and tried to walk a little more.  I'm down 2.5 lbs to start tomorrow at 307.5.

I've got my pack set up with 13.5 lbs. to start.
Pack, stadium blanket, poncho, steel bottle filled with water, tent stakes, knife, gloves, fire starter and tinder, bank line, small first aid kit, emergency strobe, small flashlight (need to pick up another headlamp).  All of that adds up to only 8.5 lbs, so I dropped in a 5 lb. kettle bell just to get started.  So, 13.5 lbs in a pack, I'll go for 1/2 mile at least, maybe a mile, just depends on how I feel.  I want to do enough to feel it, but not enough to hurt so bad I won't go on Tuesday.  My plan for the first week is to kind of feel things out and set up a program.  I'm tracking it all on an excel worksheet and including rest and "other" exercises to break things up.  The "other" might include DDP Yoga, mountain bike riding, chopping wood, and other things that will contribute to getting me BushFit.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Walked today

I went to a Preparedness Expo/Gun Show today and walked about a mile and half while I was there.  My knee is feeling much much better, so I am looking forward to starting my actual BushFit program on Monday.

I wore my new UA socks today, and I must say, they were great.  Order them a size bigger than you think you need as they are real snug.  Fortunately I read that in the reviews before I ordered.  I was wearing some heavy boots today, but my feet feel fine tonight and didn't get tired at the show.

I got a Rite in the Rain notebook and a RATS tourniquet today for my bushcrafting kit.  There were a lot of great bushcraft knives at the show, and tons of crappy knives too.  I don't understand why people buy such junk.

On the Preparedness Expo side of things, they had a bunch of speakers and presentations.  One guy does primitive and bushcraft training not too far from here, so I will likely look him up and get some more training in as my fitness progresses.


Friday, January 27, 2017

Eating Challenges

Well, I felt better Thursday and went back to work.  It is a whole lot easier to eat right when you are at home.  I started off with a community meeting breakfast thing...  I didn't eat anything but a banana on my way in, and I was expecting a small buffet that I could pick a couple pieces of bacon and a scoop of scrambled eggs from.  Nope, it was a bunch of bagels and danishes.  I love bagels and danishes.  But, I resisted, and just had a cup of coffee during the meeting, then ate a Lara Bar when I got back to my office.  Lunch had to be on the road as I had to make a 2 hour drive starting at 11:00.  Hard to eat a salad behind the wheel.  I stopped at Bojangles and had a Cajun fillet biscuit and hash browns.  I tracked them with my phone app and enjoyed the buttery, spicy goodness.  That left me with still having over 1200 calories left for dinner.  For dinner, my wife fixed tacos and I measured out my toppings and tracked them, leaving me with about 400 calories left for the day.  I also managed to walk about 3/4 mile during the day between meetings and whatnot.  All in all, I think the day was a success.

Is anyone watching Alone?  No spoilers, but wow has Dave lost a lot of weight!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Healthy Snacks

Still feeling under the weather, so I didn't get much accomplished today.  UPS man just dropped of a shipment of Lara Bars from Amazon.  I think I got 36 total, and five different flavors.  These are a great alternative to a granola bar, and in bulk, they cost about a buck a piece - about half what the grocery store charges.

I just tried the Cappuccino flavor for the first time.  It has a good flavor with a coffee aftertaste.  The entire list of ingredients is Dates, Almonds, Cashews, Fair-Trade Coffee, and Vanilla Extract.  That's it.  There is no more.  A bar is 200 calories, with 1g saturated fat, 0g trans fat, 2.5g polyunsaturated fat, 6g monounsaturated fat, 0mg cholestertol, 0mg sodium, 330mg potassium.  Total carbohydrates is 22g, with 4g dietary fiber and 16g sugars.  There is 5g protein, and a little calcium and iron.

I like to keep a few Lara Bars in my desk drawer at work, and in my car emergency kit.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Getting Started

I've tried a bunch of different diets over the years.  I had my best initial success with South Beach.  But I don't think it is reasonable to make it happen long term... for me at least.  YMMV.  I have also had success with tracking my intake on the Lose It! app on the phone.  But I always drift away from it at some point.  I like it, because you can enter common foods, scan bar codes, or reuse your old meals and it is quick and easy to use IF you remember to do it.

This time around, I am trying something a little different.  MyFitnessPal is a website and app from Under Armor.  The food functionality is pretty close to the same as Lose It!, but it also tracks your steps and movements.  I think that will be important as I move toward getting BushFit.

I'm not a nutritionist or a trainer.  But I think I have common sense.  The key is to move more and eat less.  But it isn't all quantity.  Quality matters.  I'm going to do my best to avoid highly processed foods.  More whole grains, organic foods, and real foods.  I'll eat fewer carbs, and the carbs that I do it will mostly be complex.  Have you tried Dave's Killer Bread?
This stuff is delicious and healthy.  For breakfast I had one piece, toasted, with a little real butter, two pieces of bacon, and a fresh egg from our neighbor's chickens.  Here's what it looks like on MyFitnessPal

I'm spending today starting to eat right, but I'm holding up on the movement for a couple days.  I pulled a muscle behind my knee on Sunday, and I'm actually home sick from work today because I just feel like garbage overall.  I figure it is better to hold off a couple days and start when I feel good rather than push and hurt myself on the first day.

I've got some Under Armour socks on order from Amazon  I've never had any UA before, so I'll let you know what I think of these.

I'm fortunate that I have a little bit of bush right in the back yard.  We have 2 acres, and about 1 1/3 acre is wooded, with an old road cut through when the area was logged 75-100 years ago.  It slopes down quite a bit to the neighbor's pond, so I think it will be great for short, back and forth hikes as I build up.  Not too far away is Wahrani Nature Park which has 3.4 miles of up and down rough trails.  I've mountain biked there before, and it will be great for really working out when I get in shape.  We also have a nice state park with miles of trails about 20 miles away and the Appalachian Trail is a three hour car ride away. I'm looking forward to getting up to day or weekend hikes there.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Like us on Facebook

I'll put links here.  Obviously, it is under construction...

What is BushFit?

I'm 48 years old, 305 lbs, and lazy by nature.  I'm also a combat veteran Marine that used to love camping and hiking.  I still enjoy being in the woods, but sometimes I get short of breath putting on my boots.  Other than being fat and out of shape, I don't have high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart trouble.  I want to get back to where I was.

Today, Dave Canterbury had a Facebook post where he said he was getting "Bush Fit" to do 50 pushups, 50 situps, and hike 5K in uneven terrain with a 50lb pack in under 50 minutes.  Sounds good to me!  How can I get myself back to being able to do that without feeling like I am dying?

My wife and I had already decided to spend this week getting ready to change our habits and get back to eating better and being more fit.  I think Dave's idea of "Bush Fit" is just the ticket for me.  Join me in this quest (I hate it when people on Biggest Loser talk about their "journey").  I'll post here each day or so about what I have done to work toward getting back to Bush Fit.  I'll share recipes, gear reviews, techniques, exercises, and plans.  I'll tell you what I have found that works and what doesn't work.  I'll admit when I screw up and pig out on ice cream too.